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Disaster Response Solutions - Why Wells Cargo

Why We Use Wells Cargo Trailers

While it may be true that Well Cargo trailers are a little more expensive, the price difference is actually minimal. More important than saving a few dollars is how well your trailer is made. Remember that your trailer is an emergency response vehicle, and it needs to be able to function in a rough duty environment and last for years.

In March 2007, while on the way to an exhibition, our demonstrator trailer was stopped on the side of the highway when it was struck by a large fully loaded dump truck traveling at a high rate of speed. The photos below speak for themselves. Although the trailer was totaled, none of the equipment inside left the shelves.
We were able to show the trailer, although not in the condition we had hoped. Part of this trailers ability to withstand this significant impact was also that DRS adds additional structural features to our trailers not found on other manufacturers trailers.

Remember that a bargain isn't really a bargain if the equipment doesn't perform.

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